Hi everyone; I haven’t really posted in this part yet but My name is Liam Dale. I joined the Army in 2018 posting to the Royal Artillery in 2021. I went on to pass the All Arms Commando Course which opened up opportunities, allowing me to deploy to Norway where I undertook cold weather warfare training in arduous conditions. This help develop my Abilities to thrive in challenging conditions and adapt to arduous times. A short while after this I worked with the (BQMS) which is the logistics side , in which I prepared equipment for use in different environmental conditions, as part of United Kingdom Commando Forces. I have also experience working as a door supervisor in various Clubs/Bars across London, Kent and Bournemouth. Now I am based in London working self-Employed as an RST and other AD-HOC CP work across London. Always seeking to learn new skills and CPD. Very willing to travel overseas for work opportunities. I frequently enjoy running, Boxing in which I competed at and still do and other forms of combat sports I take pride in keeping fit . Kind Regards Liam

Posted by Liam837 at 2024-05-16 21:10:54 UTC