Good evening all! Glad to be here. I am a service-minded CPO, 49 yrs old/ young ;), 19 years in the security industry, CP since 2009. Full-time CP since 2015. PPO, SAP, event security, RST amongst other things... Advanced protective security driver trained by A2B-SECURE. Based in Sweden. Humble, motivated... and a "generally-more-than-average-fun" guy ;). Mandatory military service 1995-96, Hunter Force (Anti-sabotage Unit). Many yrs later joined the Home Guard - National Security Forces, where I also became an instructor in some areas. BIO to be updated. Please see my LinkedIn profile. No SIA license but trained in EU, so EU/ EES member state approved training acc. to: [EU Parliament and of the Council, Directives 2005/36/EG and 2006/100/EG]. Wishing you all a great 2021! Be safe! /Peter N Stanojkovic

Posted by Peter S at 2021-01-12 16:34:34 UTC