Issue 52 of the Circuit Magazine is live and can be read for free by all BBA members. Here's a quick look at what's inside: OVERVIEW COVID-19 is testing us all. And as they say: when the going gets tough, the tough get going! This month's Circuit magazine does just this by taking you behind the scenes to get up close and personal with how operators are coping during the pandemic. Issue 52 serves up a first-hand account from David Dann, who describes the challenges of working with a world-famous celebrity and the unexpected roles that CPs have to adopt when working with a HNW household under lockdown! Meanwhile, our experts also weigh in with their perspectives on how you can protect your principal during a pandemic. All this uncertainty places a greater emphasis on the modern protection specialist to bring a strong level of emotional intelligence to the role. See how you can develop this core skill to take the edge off the tense operating environment and paranoia. Also in Issue 52, Ivor Terret warns us that overreliance on technology as a solution is no solution at all! Meanwhile, our resident fitness expert Ryan Naish lets us in on the importance of doing more than just a workout. And of course, a deadly virus may not be your biggest risk if you're jailed abroad. Find out what Orlando Wilson has to say about what NOT to do if you are detained or arrested overseas.

Posted by BBA Connect at 2020-06-03 22:04:15 UTC