Are we facing a post-pandemic, nightmare scenario where we've had corporate real estate all across the globe sat empty and unprotected against Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) threats? In this episode, we're excited to welcome Charles Patterson, a seasoned security expert of 40 years who has operated in the TSCM space for the last 17 years. We chat with Charles about the following questions: · In a highly connected, Internet of Things (IoT) world, what are the new challenges for the executive protection agent? · What are the simple things we're not doing that exposes gaps in our Principals' protection? · As hardware and devices get cheaper and more sophisticated, how can today's EP/CP safeguard against emerging technical threats? · And, if you're looking to get into TSCM or just want to improve your working knowledge, where and how can one get started? Listen to stay sharp and at the forefront of the latest developments on this Subject!

Posted by BBA Connect at 2021-02-24 14:58:37 UTC