BBA Member Discount We're delighted to offer BBA Members a very generous discount on the cost of attending the revamped 2 days OSINT course by @ISSTraining The course is designed to improve your investigative skills using open source intelligence. Locate personal information about any target utilising creative search techniques such as geolocation intelligence, online imagery, and website monitoring. Any BBA member looking to book a place in the next three months can save over £100 off the usual course price. The current course cost is £340 plus VAT = £408.00 Anyone from the BBA looking to book a place in the next three months will pay £250.00 plus VAT = £300.00 This is a great discount during these trying times. Anyone wishing to enrol just has to email the office - stating they are a BBA Member and quote their membership number. On completion, you will receive a certificate for your CPD record and some new skills to boot. The video gives a taste of what to expect.

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2021-02-25 13:46:11 UTC