Hopefully, you can all stick around for the full event, but if any of you need to schedule breaks, here is the running order for the day. Avi Tabib who was pronounced dead after sacrificing himself to prevent a terrorist entering an establishment in Tel Aviv but who miraculously survived and subsequently returned to security and to spread the message of choosing life over adversity Dadi Hanoch who saved over 100 diplomats including women and children during the Egyptian revolution in 2011 -- Discussion Panel -- Sue Williams QPM who has spent a lifetime negotiating complex and high profile kidnap cases whilst simultaneously instilling hope into each corresponding family Peter Moore who after being the sole survivor of a kidnapping in 2007 following two and a half years has become an advocate for hostile environment resilience and survivability training Stuart Pearson QGM who after being severely injured in Kajaki, Afghanistan along with 30 other soldiers who were trapped has turned to completing several physical challenges and is helping in casualty simulation exercises Guy Batchelor who after a full career in the services, completed the Catalina Channel Swim off the west coast of America and together with his successful solo swims of the English Channel (2015) and circumnavigation of Manhattan Island, NY (2017) he became the 186th person worldwide to complete the ‘Grand Slam’ of open water swimming

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-03-04 16:12:31 UTC