Training Providers I thought I’d start a thread regarding training and training providers. There are many courses and providers out there and you cannot attend every course but would like to know what training providers you have had a positive experience with, would recommend highly and why. This will help members when looking at spending money on CPD and give them a good steer on reputable training providers and where to spend their money. Ronin South Africa - Highly recommended I carried out my CP course there many years ago so much may have changed in that time but I can testify that the training was first class and took you out of your comfort zone in a different environment and I have not found anyone to have a bad word to say about the training. It wasn’t just the course that was great it was the whole experience of doing it in South Africa. ISS Training - Recently carried out two day OSINT course with them, I took some fantastic info and knowledge from course which I will look to develop and grow my skillset in this area, highly recommended. Prometheus Medical - I have done a number of medical courses with these guys and have found the training to be first class and they have a fantastic facility for delivering the training. I have also purchased a lot of medical equipment from them over the years CP Team Med packs, personal med packs, defibrillators etc and have also found that arm of the business great to work with. Argus Europe - I attended their Surveillance and Private Investigations course a number of years ago and found this to be fantastic training delivered by great instructors with lots of time out on the ground learning in real time. From completion of the course I also received a number of jobs through their network highly recommended. Minerva Elite - I am currently on the MBA Pathway program in Strategic Management. Training I had put off for a long time but after speaking with them decided to embark on the course and have found them to be great offering fantastic support if you are struggling in any area also highly recommended. I have attended many other courses over the years but these providers for me have stood out. It would be great to hear others recommendations here.

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2021-03-19 09:55:22 UTC