Hello everyone, Im Naz, i am very New to BBA connect, very glad to be on a great network with professionals, i am hoping to work with, some time soon. Ive been security for 17 years in general and Close Protection with 6 years commencing on to my 7th. I would say im not 110% with my role as CPO at the moment, i need help and advice on moving forward as i have only done 3 CP roles at this moment of time, due to not really looking for work and still learning the ropes of being very new to the industry, i am hoping BBA connect would put myself in the right direction for help on certain topics such as insurance of CPO, working with UHNWI, and or more training needed if possible RST residential, contract work, as advice needed. i have passed and received certificate of my first aid and renewal FPOS-I recently renewed to FROS, i'm upto date with all my DRB AND OTHER Credentials. I'm Training physically more than usual than before as its a pandemic and love MMA, i'm very professional very keen and enthusiastic and adaptable and a keen team player which i think is very important to everyone in this industry.. Very flexible. I will say i'm very confident to learn more than work, at this moment of time as im in full time in employment as a security professional but possibly maybe do some freelance work if I'm available.

Posted by Mohammad Naziam(Naz) Akram at 2021-03-19 15:37:14 UTC