What happens now about the SIA license for non UK operators after June 30th 2021 πŸ™ ? On June 30th 2021 the EU exit transition period ends, and that actually means that most European and international Operators who hold the SIA linens, Will most likely loose their licens, Only alternative option is if they can uptain for a settled or pre-settled UK working status, that enable them to Work within UK in the future, then they will keep the SIA, otherwise not. So guys - fill up a EU settlement Scheme ASAP, and hopefully you Will get approved to Work In the UK, and keep your SIA license. What i am afraid off here is that then the BBA really literally (within the BBA UK jobs board) will be for UK operators only, so probably the Industry will need to find other alternative for an International Security industry Authority platform for the future. Never the less I hope that domestic Licenses then for a period at least, will be open to use for apply for work within security details, where SIA before always would be required. It seams very problematic! Does anyone know more about this fact ? ? And how to overcome?

Posted by CP_Instructor at 2021-03-27 20:33:20 UTC