Security Consultants Following on from @Phelim (BBA Team)’s post regarding becoming a “Technical EPO” the consensus seems to be that an awareness of technical systems is a positive for EPO’s however it is to be seen as a specialism and not the EPO’s core role. As a “Security Consultant” an awareness of many different specialisms is required. How and what defines a Security Consultant? Is it time served, academia? How many different specialisms does a “Security Consultant” require a working knowledge of and the ability to make recommendations on? I would consider myself a security consultant having served many years working within the security industry. I have carried out constant personal development and my roles have been diverse and have allowed me to grow knowledge and experience in numerous different areas and specialisms. Do you class yourself as a security consultant? If so why and how would you define the Security Consultant role? As @ben.gunn described specialists should be called in to carry out specialist tasks. So how many areas does a consultant need to have a specialism in or does he need to be a specialists at all or just someone who is a good project manager good at piecing together different pieces of a jigsaw? It would be good to hear everyones thoughts..…..

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2021-03-30 18:25:49 UTC