“Private security and fantasy of the weapon for newcomer in the industry”: I know that this post will not attract me only friends but let's face reality: the use of a firearm is extremely restricted in France and in Europe, even the French police use it VERY rarely and yet they are often exposed to much greater risks than a private agent. One thing must be put in mind: faced with a mass killing, an active shooter, how many will actually be able to retaliate without collateral damage? Don't forget the sideration effect. Even if we have been trained, real life is something else! In your training the legal frameworks will also be learned, bravo! But will the judge appreciate your decision to fire? I see this particularly with newcomers to the profession, particularly because of the “contractor” training courses which for me, sorry to say: will not give work! Apart from a few rare exceptions, even when working in Africa, in South America, a European cannot be legally armed, so it will be necessary to do with the means at hand! I'll end here: the medic is more important than the weapon because you have more chance that your principal will make a heart attack, an anaphylactic shock than being under the fire in most of your tasks, think about it.

Posted by cedric tortevoix MSyl at 2021-04-02 16:35:27 UTC