Working with the family office brings with it a unique set of challenges. The success that you have in working with your principal, will largely be determined by the relationships that you can foster with the household staff. Today, we are talking to Simeon Rosset, founder of the Rosset Butler school about that dynamic that exists between executive protection and the house team, including the pivotal role that butlers serve. We’ll be discussing: § Who the butler is, where they fit into the hierarchy, and what their exact role and remit is? § How to take advantage of a challenging work schedule and use it as an opportunity to build a mutually beneficial relationship. § How to forge mutual respect and effective communication between all the different links in the chain. § And if you still think the butler is just the guy who pours the drinks, then this episode has tons more eye-opening information that you most definitely need to hear. As our guest, Simeon Rosset, puts it “Apart you're good. But together, you can just do so much more!”

Posted by BBA Connect at 2021-04-07 13:05:55 UTC