Welcome to the new week, how has it started for you? To get a little #MondayMotivation going I want to get the BBA Network thinking about how we can all get to be a little wiser, stronger, or more knowledgable by Friday, than we are today. Tapping into this weeks theme of reaching out for help, I want to set a challenge for us all in the app. It’s a very British thing not to seek help and instead struggle with something alone. And while there are some admirable qualities to that, such as determination and perseverance, clearly there are times when it is a hindrance to accomplishing a task. So, with that in mind, I want everyone reading this to rise to the challenge of asking for help with something that might be causing you an issue, whether that’s seeking assistance or just asking a question that you don’t know the answer to. Or maybe you just want to get the opinion of others to reinforce your ideas. Whatever it is and wherever you do it, share it with us here in the group and add the tag #Askforhelp Obviously, this isn’t just a one way street and we need to be just as prepared to help as we are to ask for it. So, with that in mind, lookout for opportunities to help others too and give credit and appreciation when it’s received. This is the reason BBA Connect exists and it can be a real useful addition to your CP/EP toolkit.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-04-12 18:18:09 UTC