This article is simply insane!!! We @Tactical Systems (TAC-SYS) are huge fans of Bellingcat, love their work, love their reporting and OSINT skills. Lots to learn from them re OSINT, but it was always amazing how their articles on GRU agents managed to capture flight logs with names, mobile numbers, the OSINT reporting seemed so good that it was close to what an intel agency produces. 70-80% of their articles seem to have political interest and mostly articles about Russian intelligence agents. Well, a journalist named Alan McLeod seems to let the cat out of the bag, he claims Bellingcat is not an independent thinktank with passionate OSINT journalists on the inside, but rather an organisation funded by powerful intel agencies, with links to British/European Intel and NATO with funding from CIA. Very brave guy reporting on that type of issue! We run OSINT courses each year in France and abroad, we can teach you OSINT, we certainly won't teach you how to get flight logs and things that are not publicly available as this is beyond OSINT, we only teach how to find intelligence from open sources, hence the term OSINT (Open source Intelligence)

Posted by TacSys at 2021-04-22 08:22:44 UTC