Just dropping in with a quick note about the Infosec for Protectors event tomorrow evening, and an introduction. I'm James Bore and have been in information security for quite a while now, in one form or another. I now run my own consultancy offering cyber, info, and technical security advice for businesses and individuals, along with teaching cyber security for a retraining company and regularly speaking at events. For tomorrow, we'll be looking at some information security general practices including staying up to date, why cyber security and application security matters, and what some recent breaches really mean. I'm happy to pick up any specific questions or particular areas you might want to ask about - so if there's any burning (or just slightly smouldering ones) questions then please post them below and I'll pick them up in tomorrow's event. Happy to answer anything from why most of the advice on passwords you'll hear is wrong, to why the SolarWinds attack has caused so much fuss in the infosec world, and everything in between.

Posted by coffeefueled at 2021-05-04 17:41:13 UTC