Attention all CPOs and security professionals! FREC 3 courses available .. 7th to 11th June and 21st to 25th June @ Longmoor SIA! The course is taught by hostile territory paramedics and they give you real life scenarios working within the close protection world. I recently completed mine and I really enjoyed the whole experience. The instructors were amazing and catered to everyone’s styles of learning. It wasn’t just classroom based either! We had access to a range where we faced a variety of trauma and medical scenarios from RCA’s, catastrophic haemorrhages, pneumothoraxs, open fractures and so much more! There’s nothing quite like plugging an artery in the sunshine whilst looking out onto the countryside! The course was informative but equally fun, which can’t be said for many courses that require a large amount of notes! So if you don’t have the medical standards required from October, or you just fancy learning how to handle pretty much any scenario as the first responder on scene and potentially saving someone’s life..... contact Longmoor SIA on

Posted by Natcon87 at 2021-05-05 17:01:59 UTC