New Issue of the Circuit is available to all BBA members to download for free. Whats inside...There's something to be said about the art of reading people, especially in the protection industry. The ability to pick up on nonverbal communication is an area where many security professionals are proficient - but there is a skill gap. Without an understanding of the baselines of behavior, there are no way anomalies can be noticed, let alone articulated. In issue 53, we're going to get you up to speed! Also, in Issue 53, we get a glimpse at what operating in the security industry might look like, post COVID19. Andy Clark returns to educate us on how our communications could, and should, be more covert. And, we get a lesson on preparedness and perseverance from Mark Roche. Also, in Issue 53:Preparedness & PerseveranceCOVID-19 - Before & AfterCovert Cameras - An IntroductionStaying Grey - Covert CommunicationsIntellectual Net Worth - Bodyguards & AcademiaThe Baselines of Behavior - Non-Verbal CommunicationFrom Oil Fields to Field Medic - A Personal JourneyCybersecurity - Social Media EngineeringFit for Purpose - Packing for AdventureTactical Firearms - Firearms for Close ProtectionGlobal Situation Report - Stratfor WorldviewCoronavirus & Maritime Security - A Resurgence?Choke Holds - Do they have a Role in Private Security?The One Percent - CybersecurityBody Armour - For Security PersonnelAmmunition - Do Ballistics Matter?Foot Steps - Benjamin AlozieKeeping Your Edge - The Great Divide+ All Your Regular Features

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