Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’ve created BBA Connect to facilitate discussion and be a helpful resource for members to use. Knowledge makes us stronger and participating in discussions will help to increase your knowledge. Five reasons to not be afraid to ask questions - 1 - Nobody Knows Everything Regardless of what anyone may think, nobody knows everything. Even subject matter experts can learn something from others and learn to look at things from another perspective. If you are a subject matter expert, participating in discussion will help those around you grow. As the great philosopher, Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” 2 - You Aren’t The Only With A Question If you don’t know the answer to something, then it’s highly likely that another member will feel the same, and you sure as hell won’t be the only one. By asking your burning question, no matter how big or small, you will not only be helping yourself but helping those around you. It may also open discussions where someone else will gain confidence in asking a question they may have which will in turn help you in another area. 3 - Questions Facilitate Discussion Raising questions facilitates discussion and may help you find a solution to a problem by looking at it from another perspective. Throwing around thoughts in a group setting like this can spark a thought or an idea which you may not have previously reached on your own. Sector-specific discussion can help us all grow. 4 - Desire To Learn Earns Respect Everyone starts somewhere. Being humble and not afraid to ask questions should gain respect from the old and bold around you as it shows a desire to learn. Any subject matter experts should be more than happy to share information and add value to others where they can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, by asking that question will show you are taking in an interest in growth and a desire to learn in that area. 5 - Google Doesn’t Know Everything For some, the default setting for any question is to carry out a Google search. Whilst a vast amount of information is available, some of this information may be incorrect, and it can sometimes be a more arduous task trying to filter out the good info from the bad. By getting involved within the app, you are reaching out for information from respected professionals and subject matter experts working in the industry. The network also comes with the human element of interaction. Reaching out to your peers is a great way of obtaining answers and second opinions in areas you require support. Aside from offering/requesting a second opinion, the network can help build relationships for the future. This is something tangible that Google cannot replicate. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “He who asks question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains a fool forever.”

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2021-05-25 06:46:10 UTC