Initially, this made me giggle a bit. (Maybe some of our ‘leading lights’ in The UK Gov. deserve a Slap or Two!). Now, as I reviewed the Video, I caught this ‘Moment in Time’. More by Luck than Judgement. This has ‘Bad News’ written all Over it! Stand by, Boys and Girls; incoming…! (Bear in mind that this was, indeed, A Snapshot in Time’). So, where does One Start? I think going Back to whomever set up the Venue Security. For Sure, Rope n Pole doesn’t Cut It but, if one is Going to place ‘Mills Barriers’, together, at Least Secure the bloody Things? If you cannot overlap, or triangle them, at Least ZipTie them! Next. (Bearing in mind that this was The President of France, (not Justin Beiber doing something Similar to Me here on Chaos Island)…). Where were his Team? As one sees this Situation develop, The Support Team must move. Quick Smart. Yup, sometimes you have to Run and be in Position to ‘Run the Line’. 1. Walking Backwards to Clear the Line. Eye on the Crowd, looking, Specifically at Faces, Eyes and Very Importantly ‘Arms Length Away’ and Only ‘Fingertip Engagement’. 2. Clearing the Path for 1. in advance, Talking Nicely to everyone and, so that 1. Doesn’t fall over 3. Followup, facing 1. to ensure no one Joins the Fun from behind. 4. Again, Arm’s Length Away Behind our ‘Subject’. If there Is a Problem? Yank him or her back a bit. IF the situation is OK? Continue along the line. If Not? GTFO as per, whilst maintaining Dignity for Your ‘P’. (Cars and Drivers are ‘ready to Rock and Roll’…). This is just my 2 pennies worth. I wasn’t there and, I assume, neither were you. However. ‘During a Recent Event’ (just a day or so ago), myself and my Team were faced with a similar situation. Nothing happened… DM me if you would like to learn what we did, our SOP and How We Go About this kind of scenario. Tales of Projects Past and what we do now. If you are Lucky? I will tell you how to Abandon/ Dump and Walk Away from ‘Muppets’ with a Clear Conscience. Stay Safe everyone. R.

Posted by rick.smithhk at 2021-06-12 16:01:26 UTC