Hi to all the BBA community, Tactical Systems is proud to inform you that all of our trainees passed their CP exam yesterday and can now apply for the French CP licence. The course was 327 hours, and the exam started at 0800hrs and finished at 1700hrs. It started with a theory test of 65 questions, then the trainees had to demonstrate embus/debus, then a battery of tests with attacks on the VIP they had to counter. They finished by presenting the CP Task they had to do on the course, we have 3 Principals who play the role of the principal during the course as the trainees get to do 3 CP tasks. We can say with no hesitation that our trainees have been trained to the highest standards, they are currently serving within armed forces and when they leave the military, the private sector is waiting for them with open arms as we need more quality within the French private security sector. All the best to you all! YC - Tactical Systems Founder www.A3P-tacticalsystems.com

Posted by TacSys at 2021-06-27 16:57:58 UTC