BBA TSCM Offer As the 19th July deadline approaches and in discussion with the BBA Team, Olchon & Associates would like to offer BBA members and BBA Associates a TSCM offer for the month of July and August 2021. Olchon offers to conduct a TSCM inspection at a 30% discount. This will be broken down as a: • 20% deduction to the client • 10% deduction and payment for the introducer Olchon has provided the BBA with our standard prices so for transparency, so there is no mission creep on invoicing. This is a genuine offer. We hope this offer will be an incentive and contribute to the economic recovery with all parties receiving a financial boost where: • Corporate offices encourage workers to return to the office • Residences, in particular ones with RST, will have a TSCM prior to the return of the client • Clients with a WFH policy will be encouraged to have the home office space for key-workers checked No matter what the trigger for the TSCM inspection is, the credible threat is considered, and the task will be planned accordingly. For awareness, future TSCM inspections should be considered in the following circumstances (in no particular order):  Periodically or as part of a security plan  Following a change in the threat landscape  Following a change in risk appetite. e.g., the new Chairperson/Client is risk-averse (reluctant to take risks)  Following a change of high-profile personnel  To support new plans, policies, and processes  Prior to any highly confidential event. e.g., an AGM or sensitive Client meeting  Following a confirmed or suspected physical security breach  Following a confirmed or suspected leak of confidential information  To support an investigation  To support other search and inspection regimes (e.g., physical, dog searches)  Following the introduction of new equipment, furniture and fittings  Prior to moving into a new property or new mode of transport including an office, new home, new car, super yacht, private jet etc.  Prior to moving into temporary accommodation, office space or a rented asset  Following a period where third party sub-contractors have completed construction work, cabling work or renovation For interested parties: E: Direct Message @ben.gunn on the BBA App Call +44 203 190 3030 or +44 1432 303030 *Please do not discuss the potential TSCM inspection in areas that may be under possible threat from eavesdropping or may require a TSCM and Do Not call or email us from a suspect terminal (IT terminal or telephone) BG

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2021-06-30 16:31:16 UTC