Appearance and Presentation. We at Minerva Elite have been actively recruiting through the BBA network and other forums over the past year and more recently. I wondered what the groups thoughts are in terms of presenting yourself to an employer, contract manager, client etc. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve had some exceptional operators that have come through both the BBA and other routes, however, there does seem to be another level of operator that have shall we say ‘different standards’. For example: Why would you turn up in a black suit when the task requires dark navy suit? Why brown shoes or trainers when black polished shoes are requested? Why turn up with your food all over the front of your suit? Why turn up without a suit when that clearly given in the task order? I’m amazed when I’m told by the individual that they normally operate at the highest level and are PPO or TL on this and that task, when their presentation in terms of appearance are way below what I would consider as very basic. I know I have high standards and can be tough at times, but surely most operators know that how they look and behave on a task is their shopfront display for us and their colleagues, to use them on more tasks and elevate to more prestige tasks. Your CV might as well go in the bin with your reputation if the standards and professionalism isn’t displayed on tasks. Reputation is everything on the circuit I believe. Before doing all the ‘Gucci’ courses maybe just do the basics well? I’d be interested to hear thoughts on this.

Posted by Sean C at 2021-07-06 07:01:14 UTC